domingo, 3 de junho de 2012

Colorir - Noite Madrugada Infinito (2006)

Colorir were an instrumental duo formed by Pedro (guitar) and Peter (drums) from Porto Alegre, they later moved to Florianópolis. 

Colorir used to play improvisational music (not sure if they're still active).  They have performanced at beaches, public squares and even mental hospitals. I've watched a concert were they shared the stage with ruído por milímetro in 2007, they played a very long jam and at the end they gave instruments to the audience to play with them. Members were previously on a hardcore band called Porcs. I don't know what those guys are up to nowadays, a friend of mine told me that Peter was travelling through Asia playing snare drum, he also had a noise project called ABESTA.

01 - Noite
02 - Madrugada
03 - Infinito

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