domingo, 3 de junho de 2012

Colorir - Noite Madrugada Infinito (2006)

Colorir were an instrumental duo formed by Pedro (guitar) and Peter (drums) from Porto Alegre, they later moved to Florianópolis. 

Colorir used to play improvisational music (not sure if they're still active).  They have performanced at beaches, public squares and even mental hospitals. I've watched a concert were they shared the stage with ruído por milímetro in 2007, they played a very long jam and at the end they gave instruments to the audience to play with them. Members were previously on a hardcore band called Porcs. I don't know what those guys are up to nowadays, a friend of mine told me that Peter was travelling through Asia playing snare drum, he also had a noise project called ABESTA.

01 - Noite
02 - Madrugada
03 - Infinito

sexta-feira, 1 de junho de 2012

Maqno - Maqno (2006)

Maqno was a math-rock/post-punk band formed by members/ex-members of Labirinto, The M.Knox-Music and Diagonal. They were influenced by Gang of Four, The Contortions and Dischord stuff like Fugazi, Medications and Faraquet. I grabbed this EP when we played together at the Bipolar Fest III, in 2007. Check out their MySpace profile.

01 - Lista de necessidades
02 - Habilitação para a noite
03 - Zig-Zag
04 - Carrossel
05 - Fora

Meia Lua e Soco - Random songs (2006)

This is the band that made me want to be a musician. Meia Lua e Soco (which means "half moon and punch", the command to perform a "Hadouken" on Street Fighter) was a very creative post-hardcore band, I can't think of any band that sounded like them. I'm not sure but I think that their members were spread around Campinas and some other cities from the state of São Paulo. They also played on Shame, Makazumba, Taiko and Suzana uhu.

Meia Lua e Soco
Disbanded in 2010, Meia Lua performed a few concerts in the end of 2011 and beginning of 2012. In March of this year, their singer announced on the band's facebook profile that they would cease activities and that this time it would be forever.

Unfortunately those guys never released anything, except those two videoclips and the random songs (I suppose they were going to be released on a split with Taiko) linked below.

1 - Buscar o céu
2 - Lacra o Shopping
3 - Materiais
4 - O peso do velho e das rugas

quinta-feira, 31 de maio de 2012

insimetria - Bootlegs (2007/2008)

Totally inspired by the blog Sanitized Japan, I've decided to start a blog about the brazilian hardcore/punk/DIY music scene. 
The first post is about insimetria, a screamo band from Uberlândia/MG that was active around 2007-2009. Recently I've met one of their members at one of the last Meia Lua e Soco's (gonna post about them very soon) concerts and since then I've been listening to insimetria almost every week.

Their music used to sound like french screamo (specially Daïtro, in my opinion, I even got a Daïtro t-shirt from their singer). My first band got to play with them and 3 segundos antes da queda at the first brazilian "skram" festival which happened in São Paulo, 2007.

insimetria playing "Silvester" at the Bipolar Fest III, they were still a quartet back then

Bipolar Fest III's flyer
insimetria was formed from the ashes of a band called A Verdade Gera O Ódio and started as a quartet, their bassist Renan shared the vocals with Heman, one of the guitarists. Some months later, Douglas (ex-Fuerza, now on Chiptots), joined as the main singer. They disbanded shortly after the fourth edition of Bipolar Fest. A few months ago, Renan told me that they were going to start playing again and I'm still waiting to see this happening. Their drummer, Birosca, is playing on a band called Tortisse.

They never released anything, but you can check two bootlegs at the band's bandcamp (being the first one as a quartet and the other as a quintet).